Commonwealth Pageants Kenya Chapter

Miss Commonwealth Kenya 2016-2018

Reigning Queen

Miss Commonwealth Kenya 2014-2016

Miss Commonwealth Kenya 2010-2012

Miss Commonwealth Africa 2010-2012

Hezena Lameletian

Born and raised in Samburu county, the 26 year old holds a Bsc in Finance and Banking from the University of Nairobi,she is global peace ambassador, an empowerment Champion, a humanitarian and an entrepreneur.

She has championed peace and security issues in Africa especially in north eastern Kenya using a hands on approach in the fight against terrorism and radicalization.

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Nasra Mohammed

Born and raised in Marsabit County, the 23 year old has a diploma in leadership management and is studying for her BA. She currently works as cabin crew.During her non flying days,Nasra is known for mentoring young men and women from Marsabit on Community Leadership and tolerance of communities living side by side i.eTurkana,Rendile ,Gabra et al.

Khayanga D. Wasike

From Bungoma & Nairobi County the former senior assistant hardware engineer at Moi University, Ms Khayanga D. Wasike has an Msc in information systems management from the University of Greenwich, United Kingdom. She is a mentor, a scout Leader and a lobbyist for reforms within the public sector on transparent and accommodating frameworks that push the youth and women agenda.

One notable Policy she has championed and lobbyied for since she was first crowned Miss Commonwealth Africa/Miss Commonwealth Kenya in 2011, is the creation and appreciation by African governments of goodwill ambassador's framework in Kenya and othe african countries.

The creation of a fashion Council in Africa to accommodate and protect the interests of this rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar industry.

She is also a green champion of foodsecurity and climate change.

Celebrating Our Diversity Through The Eyes Of a Young Commowealth