Commonwealth Pageants Kenya Chapter


Who we are

A non profit entity of engaging commonwealth citizens and friends to push community agendas. The commonwealth pageant in Kenya is the official platform for all eligible Kenyan citizens to gain entry into the world’s unique culture and charity brand pageant where beauty is ageless and age is no barrier. The title holder, either Miss teen, Miss, Mrs. or Mr. commonwealth, is a goodwill ambassador representing the pageant, her nation and the commonwealth hence the sense of national values, celebration of values, tolerance and deeper friendship of our diversity amongst commonwealth nations and friends of the common wealth as part of the World Global peace agenda.

The year 2015, the Commonwealth pageant Kenya chapter focused on the young teen and partnered with Kenya Scouts Association (K.S.A), Westland’s district to create a platform for young teens to be part of the positive showbiz in tandem with Commonwealth pageants values and scouting code of conduct. We cannot ignore the current African landscape as an impact of globalization. Young African persons desire to engage in showbiz, glamour and Entertainment but unlike in the West where these bubbling urges are released through proms and other controlled environs, the country is gapping with no avenues for young adults trying to fit in and match with their peers in the west, this leading to the current surge of teenage truancy as witnessed in incidents recently reported by the media.

The Commonwealth pageants Kenyan chapter has seen it launch initiatives for sustainability that include; a lifestyle magazine, Scouts in Glamour Magazine, currently online but soon to be in print, a music talent center, that supports young musically talented teens to build their talents. Being scouts, where we learn by doing, goodwill ambassador of commonwealth in Kenya and former Miss commonwealth Africa believes it is their duty to offer guidance to the younger generation.

The pageants title is a long term vision that enables the winner to actively lobby for their communities and engage in a participatory manner at the local, national and global level, creating a network of friendship. A true celebration of our cultural diversity amidst the political backdrops.

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