Commonwealth Pageants Kenya Chapter



Our able bodied team of volunteers led by our reigning Queens often hold mentorship sessions through various community activities in different ways within our natural environment. It's a time of bonding, taking the walk and talking the talk. From schools, churches, mosques, football activities, fashion and workshops.

We equally add value to existing community CBOs through sponsorship of various community activities that are aimed at informal education.


Talent Center

Launched in 2015, the music talent center is aimed at identifying & adapting the young talented teenagers from underprivilaged backgrounds. We seek to build capacity in them by placing her/him or team with a relevant proffessional mentor within their field. The sole purpose of the project is to culminate in a fully fledged Music talent center inclusive of academy that celebrates Heritage and contemporary cultural music.

Pastrolists Sports

A Hezena Lameletian -Miss Commonwealth Kenya 2015-2018 Initiative which seeks to bring together all Pastrolist communities through sports especially the warring tribes.The platform is aimed at creating safe spaces for the youth to engage besides honing their talents in sports.It will also be the linkage that propels local talent to the National and International platforms.The First series of sporting events were held at Sere-Olipi.

Glamour Scout Magazine

Having a formal working MoU with Kenya Scouts Westlands District Association,the Glamour Scout was launched in 2015,a two tier approach that engages youths between 14-35 years

A Glamour lifestyle magazine that promotes global quality of life through informal education.It embodies the Scouting Values systems ,celebration of our diversity within the rich Commonwealth and the positive glamour and glitz.The project is aimed at empowering the modern youth within their space amidst the backdrop of globalization and negative showbiz


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